Above: During the late 70's WCPC in San Diego, CA was an innovative discotheque
breaking in much of the disco music of that period.
It was the dance music that fascinated me during my first visit to a discotheque in the mid-seventies. The control that each song would create on the dance floor was phenomenal. I was fortunate enough to become acquainted with the disco mix by hearing one of the most talented and imaginative disc-jockeys in San Diego during this period, Mr. Ben Tobias. Tobias did not allow the dancers to sense any familiarity in his program. There was always a creative flow to his mixes. It was from his influence that I developed my ever changing format and aptitude to blend the appropriate selections.

Becoming familiar with the music was not a difficult task. During this period the music was creative, experimental, and definitely fun to dance to. I quickly became a devout collector of dance/disco music. Always referring to various play lists and charts compiled from the hottest clubs in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

It became a habit to buy every title I could get my hands on. Unfortunately, at this time my collection was reserved to a garage every Friday and Saturday night where I spent focused and determined time studying the mix process and developing a style of my own. It was throughout this period that I yearned for the response from a real club dance floor. I accepted many jobs as a mobile disc jockey spinning at disco house parties. This gave me my first exposure and feedback. I immediately adapted to the needs of the dancers and or cocktail groupies who were always at the top of my list along with the intent of framing the atmosphere with my music.

Right: Glenn Rivera and hi-nrg diva, Mary Griffin

Above: Glenn Rivera and DJ Ron
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A few years later, at the age of nineteen, I obtained my first club position at The Brass Rail in Hillcrest. There I was tailored for any dance floor; unlike the many large clubs of the time (ex. West Coast Production Company, Barbary Coast, etc.) The Rail had a clientele which was the formation of circulating partiers traveling to and from various clubs outside the area to reach another "party light". This crowd was diversified and demanded to hear almost everything and anything that was happening. In addition to the regulars at The Rail who were accustomed to hearing many standard dance classics such as "Bad Girls" , "Take Me Home" or "Funkytown". I developed quite a crafty mix process using my ability to travel from various BPM levels as well as the now diversifying dance music sound of the early eighties.

Since this period, I have traveled to San Francisco where I played at The End Up, and also Los Angeles where I also acquired turntable wear at clubs such as The Apache, Job-Site, The Spike, Probe, and Rafters. After returning to San Diego in the mid-eighties I returned to The Brass Rail and also worked nights at The Monastery/West Coast Production Company, Rich's(DiscoRama on Wednesday nights) and also The Grande On Garnet. I enjoy working in the club atmosphere and spend most afternoons preparing a program for that evening. I have always relayed on my large collection of classic boogie, disco, funk, early morning, high energy, etc. music to back-up the requirements that may become necessary in the event of sudden gear changes in any club atmosphere.

Back in '92 I worked with Bart Johnson for DiscoRama at Rich's here in San Diego on Wednesday's evenings. I have since then remained active as a mobile disc jockey for various private functions.

The time is well purposed for a program consisting of the old school training (which has become resurgent within the past few years) I acquired from the seventies and the now techno/house and underground movement which is awaiting a new flavor or change.

My last homage to disco behind the turntables, was spinning for a RETRO /80's night at The Odyssey Room/Shooterz here in San Diego and play for a few retro dance nights there. There I am able to piece together the music that has created a dynasty of dance memories for dancers throughout time.

Please contact me in regards to your needs and I will help you to create the atmosphere which would benefit not only your business, but also keep that thumping dance beat alive in a new way.

Thank you for visiting - love and beats!

Glenn Rivera







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